Diversity in Our Workforce

We believe that a diverse work force and an Inclusive culture are good for our employees, our customers, and our business. Diversity and Inclusion helps to attract and retain the best talent, have the best ideas, and better relate to our customers. We strive to be recognized as an Inclusive organization where diverse talents are utilized naturally and to their fullest potential.

Internships and Scholarships

One way that we demonstrate our commitment to diversity is through our support of local students. We are committed to supporting the local community's youth and helping them have bright futures through our student internship programs and college scholarships. Our goal is to help high school students overcome barriers that might prevent them from pursuing higher education and sustainable careers while developing tomorrow's workforce. Our support includes:

Undergraduate College Programs

This is a 10 week summer internship program available in each of our four major regions. Our internships are intended to help students gain experience and knowledge that will help them succeed in careers they choose.

Employee Resource Groups

Another way that we demonstrate our commitment to diversity is our support of employee resource groups (ERGs) that support and sustain our diversity and inclusion strategy. ERGs are groups of employees who join together based on common interests or experiences. Our ERGs align themselves in support of the company's strategy while, enhancing career opportunities and professional development goals. ERGs also serve as business resources and advisors for our company. Each group is championed by an executive leader who serves as an advocate and resource for their respective groups.

Our Employee Resource Groups are aligned with our business values and support a wide variety of employees' special interests, including:

  • African American
  • Asian
  • Nuestras Voces Unidas
  • Open Door Alliance
  • Vegetarian Employee Group
  • Veterans Network
  • We Are One
  • Women & Empowerment