Web Editorial Policy

We strive to present information on our website that is clear and easy to understand and is appropriate for the intended audience. Our website contains two types of health content:

  1. Proprietary information created by internal staff, and
  2. Licensed content from external sources.

Health Content Review and Approval Process

We have an editorial review process in place to ensure that information is clear and accurate, meets legal, security, and brand requirements, and meets any state and federal regulations that may apply. Original health content must meet the following additional criteria:

  • Evidence-Based Medicine - Topics based on the use of current best available external clinical evidence in making decisions about patient care.
  • Clinical Significance - Medical findings published in peer-reviewed medical journals.
  • Relevance - News and topics that may affect your health and your health care choices.
  • Trends - Health issues currently in the news or a matter of public health awareness; community practice standards.

Sources of health content are verified and noted on the website, along with the date last updated. All health content is scheduled to be reviewed annually by clinical staff.

Through our editorial process, employees responsible for approving and editing content represent the areas of Health Care Affairs, Corporate Communications, Legal, Customer Service, Privacy and Compliance, Marketing Communications, and Provider Communications. They must meet a minimum of two of the following criteria: 1) College graduate, 2) Manager level or above, or 3) three to five years clinical experience.

We do not usually publish unsolicited content; however, in the event that an author outside of the company provides an outline of proposed content for consideration, the website editorial process will review the content to be published.

Credentials and Qualifications of Service Providers

We hold our clinical and professional employees to high standards. We have a process in place to review the credentials and professional licensures of new employees upon hire and routinely thereafter. When our clinicians are in contact with a customer, they will make their credentials known to the customer.

Content Provided by External Partners

In addition to content generated within our organization, we also have strategic partnerships in place to deliver high quality heath content and services to our customers. These partners are subject to our standards for design, security, quality, and compliance with government and industry requirements, as itemized in our contract with the partner. Each partner has its own editorial staff and editorial review process, so we do not monitor or review the content of these sites. For more information on how a partner manages the editorial process, please refer to the editorial policy posted on their website.

Code of Ethics

Our employees are required to follow our Code of Ethics policy which is monitored through our Corporate Compliance Program. Our code of Ethics supports the values of honesty, integrity and fairness in all business operations. It is a long-standing policy of our company to observe all laws applicable to our business. We're committed to functioning with honesty in internal operations, and in dealing with members, accounts, providers, suppliers and all others with whom we do business. When partnering with vendors, we perform a review of their applicable business processes to ensure that they are consistent with our Code of Ethics. We support the principles of Health on the Net Foundation (HON).

Conflict of Interest

We are dedicated to bringing you unbiased, quality website content. Our employees are required to follow our Conflict of Interest policy which is monitored through our Corporate Compliance Program. Our editorial review process includes a step for content submitters to certify that they are not aware of any conflict of interest that exists with author(s) or contributors that could influence the content or otherwise affect the opinions stated within. Additionally, when partnering with business partners/vendors, we perform a detailed review of their editorial process to ensure that they have policies and procedures in place to avoid any conflicts of interest.


We do not currently accept advertisements from outside entities on our website. Any future advertising placed on the site would be distinguishable from health content either by words or by design. Any financial relationships with a linked site, including in-kind services other than reciprocal linking, will be stated and described on the site.


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